Allison grew up in the green hills of Devon & roamed over most of Dartmoor. She went on to study Chemical Physics at the University of East Anglia as it had an exchange year at the University of Texas, Austin. After being a Longhorn, life was never quite the same. Allison then spent a year in a dark lab with a big laser to do an MSc in Colloidal Chemistry and then moved to do a PhD at the University of Durham, it had green hills, to spend another 3 years in the dark with a laser and camera.
Having spent enough time in a dark lab zapping things Allison joined Procter and Gamble manufacturing. She started her career backwards by cutting her teeth in Initiative planning and then moving to laundry manufacturing as a process engineer and finally as a 'Making' department manager in Belgium & Australia.
P&G has excellent systems and methodologies and despite having some state of the art ERP systems all of the reporting was done in Excel from the production shift reports, department plans and budgets to the product shipments. It was an excellent environment to learn to efficiently write reports & dashboards, both for the needs of a department and also for high level management. Unfortunately the Australian plant closed resulting in a change in career, the use of Sage Intelligence with Excel as a front end to create Business reports was a perfect match.
She just wished she'd come across Sage Intelligence earlier in her career..........



On line via the Sage Intelligence website

On site in NSW Sydney Region, the training is taylored to your needs, be it Sage Intelligence or Excel.

report writing

Business Reports directly in Excel at the touch of a button using Sage Intelligence.

All the major accounting packages are supported: MYOB, ABM, Sybiz, Sage packages (Handisoft, Accpac etc)

Excel & Sage Intelligence Tips

Sage Intelligence Tips & Tricks
There's often a little gem in the Sage Intelligence Tips & tricks.

Excel Tips & Useful sites
Chandoo and Ozgrid are very useful......

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