Time Return Business Reporting

Reports to your desktop at the touch of a button 

Take control and save time - one click and have them delivered to your desktop formatted in Excel, no more cutting and pasting of data each month.

Data Extraction

Use the Sage Intelligence Reporting Software from Alchemex to connect to your database to extract the data in realtime, even from disparate sources.

Customised Reports

Need a particular format?  Time Return can create the template for you & install it to your computer so you can run or edit as needed.


Learn to use the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and write your own reports, Alchemex has a range of trainings and Time Return assists you in putting the theory into practice.

Why Use Our Services

Extracting data, creating & editing spreadsheets is time consuming and often it is difficult to get the support to be able to access the data & customise reports, hours are usually spent cutting and pasting each month to get it in the format needed which can often introduce errors.  

Sage Intelligence Reporting from Alchemex allows you to customise a template, link it to your database(s) and then with one click deliver the data into Excel to give you the final report on your desktop in a matter of minutes so you can concentrate on analysing the data.  At Time Return we can help assist with training in Sage Intelligence Reporting and Microsoft Excel, if you are short on time we can create and install the reports for you.

The software is installed locally, so with some training you can create and edit without the need to go back to a consultant each time saving time and money.


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