The Connector allows the user to connect to their data source(s) and format it as required.


This example shows how easy it is to connect to a Microsoft Access database and add a few Expressions, these Expressions become the available columns for the final report. 

Sources can be on the computer such as an Excel workbook, an accounting package or cloud based service.

ABM, Sage, MYOB, EXO, Xero, Sybiz Vison, SAP Business One, Access, Excel....... 


The Report Manager allows the user to create a report from a data source created in the Connector.  

To add a report 

  • choose your data source,

  • select your columns,

  • order the columns,

  • add filters if required, e.g. the financial year or department, 

  • run the report to Excel.


The Report Manager allows the user to save a formatted workbook back to the report.

In a standard report the data is run out to the first sheet in the workbook.  Format the workbook e.g. add pivot tables, graphs or formulae using the named ranges from the first sheet.

Save the workbook back and then the next time the report is run out the data is populated directly into the layout created, no need to re-create or cut & paste each time.